Plant extracts called essential oils are aromatic and are derived from the petals or flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, fruits, woods, grasses and resins. They have various therapeutic actions on the body and are used to help the body heal itself naturally. A combination of essential oils is chosen based on your needs.  

Aromatherapy Massage is a gentle and effective specialized massage that incorporates essential oils and combines with various techniques designed to be restorative and balancing to the autonomic nervous system - parasympathetic (rest and repair) and sympathetic (fight or flight) system. It incorporates lymphatic massage and traditional massage techniques as well as acupressure and reflexology that may assist in stimulating lymphatic circulation and aid in elimination of excess waste products, strengthening the immune response, generally improving overall health and well-being. 
75 minutes  $90.00

Relaxation Aroma Massage is a more traditional style of massage using Swedish massage techniques and therapeutic aromatic massage oils to calm the mind and de-stress and revitalize the body. 
60 minutes $80.00

Take the ‘weight of the world’ off with massage focused on back, neck and shoulders.        
30 minutes $55.00

Aromatherapy Consultations and Custom Blending
Custom blends and products can be created to support your health based on your medical history and current concerns. The formulation will be approached collaboratively so the end result is both appealing to you and therapeutically active. Our consultion will take about 60 minutes. You will receive one blend along with clear instructions about how to use your aromatherapy product(s). 
60 minutes $75.00

Escential (Indian) Head Massage 
A unique stress busting therapy that gets its roots from the traditional form of Champissage, head massage, practiced in India for over 1000 years. With the focus on the head, scalp and upper body and the use of an aromatic blend, you will feel relaxed yet mentally alert with a total sense of well-being. This session is performed with you seated comfortably in chair, fully clothed, in a relaxing atmosphere.  
45 minutes  $60.00

Hot Stone Massage 
This ‘calming yet re-energizing experience’ uses specially selected heated basalt stones with various massage techniques and aromatic oils working in harmony. The body experiences all the benefits of a deep tissue massage as the stones glide over the muscles and stress gently melts away. 
75 minutes  $125.00

Reflexology uses compression and massage techniques to stimulate points on the feet 
or hands. This brings vitality to the corresponding body part and encourages harmony throughout the entire body. Aromatic massage oil suited to your needs can be used to complete the session; unscented products are also available for use in the session.  
60 minutes $75.00
30 minutes $45.00

Black Pearl Relaxation  
Black Pearl is a gentle hands-on session which works to balance the nervous system, especially parasympathetic (rest and repair) and sympathetic (fight or flight) systems. It uses massage-like techniques to bring attention to specific meridian energy points as well as having a direct influence on the hypothalamus (“The Black Pearl”) and our emotions. This technique allows the body, mind and spirit to experience a calm, peaceful balanced state encouraging healing to begin.
60 minutes $85.00

Hot Stone Massage
Indian Head Massage